Welcome to PT Duta Pertiwi Nusantara Tbk

The Company operates in plywood adhesive manufacturer industry, chemicals and mining. The Company is located in Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province, the factory is located along the Kapuas River, with area of ± 4.8 ha, with ±100 skilled labor force. 

Our Products

Company Product

Manufactured products are as follows :

1. Main Product
   • Urea Formaldehyde (UF Glue)
   • Phenol Formaldehyde (PF Glue)
   • Urea Melamine Formaldehyde (UMF Glue)
   • Particle Board Glue (PB Glue)

2. Semi-finished Product
   • Formaldehyde

3. By product, as an additional material for customer’s industrial production process :
   • Hardener UF
   • Hardener PF
   • Hardener UMF
   • Hardener PB
   • Additive (pengikat emisi, dll)

Hardener, as a supplement / hardener for main product, used in the production process for plywood.

The company also accepts orders based on requests from consumers.