Welcome to PT Duta Pertiwi Nusantara Tbk

The Company operates in plywood adhesive manufacturer industry, chemicals and mining. The Company is located in Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province, the factory is located along the Kapuas River, with area of ± 4.8 ha, with ±100 skilled labor force. 

Company History in brief

The company was founded on March 18, 1982 under the name of PT Dharma Pertiwi Nusantara. On December 3, 1985, the Company's name was changed to PT Duta Pertiwi Nusantara.

The company is engaged in formaldehyde and glue industries. The production results are used for the timber industry, especially the plywood industry. The company began producing commercially in early 1987.

The factory was originally built on an area of 27,480 square meter. In 1997 the Company bought an addition land beside the factory an area of 20,317 square meter, so the total land area in the factory is 47,797 square meter.

Initially, the Company only built one installation Formalin Plant which uses a Molybdenum catalyst or also called an Oxide plant and it has a capacity of 28,000 tons / year for formaldehyde and 40,000 tons / year for glue. In line with growing demand, the Company established a new installation in May 1989 using silver with a production capacity of 22,000 tons / year for formaldehyde and 35,000 tons / year for glue. With two installations, the Company has the capacity to produce 50,000 tons / year of formaldehyde and 75,000 tons / year for various types of glue.

Company’s Formalin installation technology is from Reichhold Chemicals Inc., United States, and the installation of glue from famous company Priha Oy – Finland, which merged with Neste Corporation and become Neste Resins Oy. To achieve the efficiency and produce quality glue, some machinery and equipment components are imported from Spain, Germany, Canada and United States. The experts came from the United States to guide the formaldehyde production while the experts from Finland and Taiwan provided know-how to produce glue.

Until 2002, with the decrease in demand for glue due to illegal logging which resulted in many timber companies closing down, the Company stopped using Oxide Plant and only run the silver plants because the costs are cheaper than using the Oxide Plant and it sufficient to meet the quantity of consumer demand.

In 2006 the Company adopted a new technology called Waste Gas Burner (WGB) that can utilize Flue Gas from the Formalin production process which was previously release into the air then turn it into fuel to produce Steam for Glue production purposes. So the use of Waste Gas Burner besides to saving fuel also to create a pollution free environment.

With the development of the plywood market, especially foreign markets which demand low emission products, it is required the glue with better quality and lower formaldehyde emissions. Through continuous experience and research by skilled personnel from the Company, in the end we succeeded in developing high quality glue and in accordance with the demands of the market.