Welcome to Duta Pertiwi Nusantara

The Company operates in plywood adhesive manufacturer industry, chemicals and mining. The Company is located in Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province, the factory is located along the Kapuas River, with area of ± 3 ha, with ±111 skilled labor force. 

Human Resources

All employees of the company were the buffer for productivity, as well as the company activity. The company had always implanted its employees to become high quality human resources, skillful and loyal to the company.

The Company had committed to provide high quality product as well as satisfying service in its daily operation.

The company had protected its employees through the national social security program (Jamsostek), including health, accident, death and pension; so that the employees felt secured and protected in performing their activities. also, the company had scholarship program for employees' children with good academic performance.

The Company implemented a condusive, clean, comfortable work environment with qualified work equipment and work safety, for achieving productivity and good work quality, as well as caring for the company and its surroundings.